Successful businesses are racing toward technological innovation and ESA Analytics is leading the charge. Our advanced, user-friendly and affordable applications will help you gain an edge on the competition, increase efficiency, improve revenue and solidify your infrastructure.

Anticipate, analyze, assess and appraise - anytime, anywhere.

Reach your Maximum Potential:

::Track employee or project progress in real time

::Make intelligent and informed decisions about your real estate needs

::Follow employee, vendor and visitor entries to your facility

::Stay on top of your security incidents and activities around the globe

ESA Analytics offers its integrated suite of services through secure, online applications - a method that is far more flexible, effective and cost-efficient than pre-defined software packages.

A subscription to our services requires a minimal initial investment and gives customers around the globe unrestricted, real time access to any of our ground-breaking applications.

This web-based approach also allows customers the ability to grow and adapt with access to instant updates and upgrades - a process that is much more complex with static software packages.

Another benefit to businesses; With ESA Analytics, all of your data is portable, easily adapted to new or emerging applications and can be exported for use in another vendor's software and programs.

Our training is also second to none.   With unparalleled customers service and expertise, including unrestricted online support, comprehensive electronic guides and instructions, and the use of remote access software - which is as close to being in the employee's cube as you can get - we are able to be hands-on despite being hundreds of miles away.

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