Every company has a unique infrastructure - from something as simple as a floor plan to the complexity of multi-national operations.   No matter your individual needs, ESA Analytics customizes its applications to create a system that you don't have to conform to, but that conforms to you!

Workplace Management System (WMS)

Ideal for corporations and businesses both large and small, this comprehensive and technologically superior application will be integral to your facilities operations- and to your success.


Space Planning / Headcount Management 
Web-based, globally accessible floor plans give you the incomparable ability to instantly track personnel location, equipment status and space detail.   Produce Space Utilization reports with data from a global badge reader system. An additional feature is that data is continuously auto-synchronized with the company database, giving you dynamic links to personnel records and reports - functions that allow auto-installation of print drivers and real-time display of conference and meeting room status. Select a link for additional information: Graphic Functionality; Move Management

Inventory Management
Track consumables by various criteria, including region, vendor, site or usage and receive automated notification of order status and requirements.

Real Estate Management
Make informed decisions about your real estate needs, with fixed lease abstract tracking and features such as variable real estate costs, status, contacts, clauses and documents at your immediate and full disposal.

Create, track, manage, report, schedule and notify - all with our globally accessible applications, helpfully organized by region, location, project manager and assignee.

Asset Management
Get dynamic asset tracking of both archived and current data using either PDA/Barcode data entry or manual entry.

Budget Management
Establish budgets quickly and simply, using accounts that can be loaded manually or directly from your existing accounting system, with convenient forms that address region, year (fiscal and calendar), quarter, month, proprietary sub accounts and indigenous currency.

Keep up to date on security events and incidents at your facilities coast to coast - and around the world - using our global search function.   Enter events through simple forms or a handheld device and track them by severity, location, name, type, condition and action.

Equipment Maintenance
Track the status of all of your equipment with information organized by type, name and even multi-tier location.   You can also schedule maintenance, set intervals, and preload project managers, consumable inventory or instructional notations.

Work Orders
Enter information with our global web interface applications.   Pre-load project managers, assignees, consumable inventory and instructional notation using pre-defined activity codes.

Work Order Surveys
These are auto-deployed through email in embedded html form, allowing the recipient to respond quickly and easily to the survey with button selectors and comment field.   The survey frequency is also controlled to reduce the possibility of nuisance. Results can be analyzed by requestor, work order number, location, or assignee.

Get more from your reporting.   With our applications,   all reports are defined by selectable criteria and these selections can be stored, named and recalled by any system user. In addition, reports can be printed, sent via email and exported in various formats

Mobile Devices
Data can be entered, viewed and updated with a non-proprietary handheld device - such as Palm or Pocket PC -   allowing you to perform standard or wireless system synchronization from anywhere in the world!   With this, and the help of a mini-barcode scanner, you can do it all, from accessing information, to documenting security patrols, to closing or updating a work order, maintenance assignment or inventory asset.

ESA Analytics also provides customers with an inventive Cemetery Tracking System and a Quality Assurance Program, perfect for the pharmaceutical industry.   Contact us for details.

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